Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day, a curly head and more...

I rarely ever get pictures with my girls, it seems. We were just sitting outside waiting for Daddy to finish mowing the lawn. I'm glad he ran in to get the camera. I love you, Chloe and Hannah!

Chloe LOVES to play cars! She asks to play almost every day and she picked out cars as her new toy with Gramma at the store the other day rather than anything else. But don't think she's too much of a tomboy yet... Daddy had to wear the pretty pink hat in order to play with her. :)


My Mom had had a hard week before Mother's Day so we went to surprise her spur-of-the-moment and showed up at her house 11pm Friday night. My dad knew we were coming, but she had no clue. I hope she didn't have plans for a nice relaxing weekend! ;) Here are some pictures of our time there. Unfortunately, she and I didn't get any pictures together. 

Grammie, Chloe and Pops (the angel)

Doesn't Grammie just look beautiful in this picture?

I wish Hannah had made it into this picture, but she was sleeping.

Hannah's hair is even more curly than Chloe's was and it seems to be growing up, all on top of her head.

This is Hannah's goofy face that she makes when she gets excited. While she makes it she breathes really quickly in and out of her nose so you can hear it. I really need to catch it on video. It occurs multiple times a day and just makes me laugh every time!

Enjoying breakfast together. 

Reading a book before bed time with Daddy. Reading with Dad is one of Chloe's favorite things to do. 

Chloe wants to do whatever Hannah gets to do so she wanted to wear Hannah's hat. Silly goose, it doesn't even fit!


Jaclyn said...

You have SUCH a beautiful family Mary! I CANNOT believe how big Hannah is, and I LOVE her hair. SO precious!!

Jon & Sally said...

I'm with Jaclyn!!
I can't wait to see your sweet fam!!
I love ALL of you!! Thanks for the post!

Amy A. said...

Chloe looks so grown up. Can't wait to see y'all!