Sunday, January 27, 2008

Videos of Chloe

Chloe has been a busy little bee. We've had some yucky weather lately so we haven't been able to be outside much which she is sad about. She would spend the whole day outside if she could. She is working on getting two molars these past few weeks so she'll have 10 teeth. She is going to walk very soon, we think. But she is definitely like me in that she wants to do it in her own way and in her own time. She won't even let us help her. She has learned a few words & signs in the last week. She learned to say juice, lunch, and almost breakfast and is working on Jude and Ally. She can sign milk now. I have not worked with her a lot on the signs but she has still picked a few of them up. She can give kisses and hugs and she is a very speedy crawler. She has finally torn holes in one pair of her jeans. I still really enjoy being at home with her though it is hard to find things to do to challenge her sometimes, especially when we can't go outside. It's all a matter of thinking outside the box though. Most of her favorite things are not conventional baby toys, but things like empty boxes, keys, cell phones, and these metal hoops that we put on our ears and wrists and say, "so pretty!" You'd think it would not be hard to find simple things around the house that she'd love to learn about and play with. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the videos. 

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Over due

I am sorry for not updating our blog sooner. I have just been procrastinating. 

For Christmas, Matt, Chloe and I drove to Houston early Christmas morning to surprise my parents after a few failed attempts to see them before Christmas. It was also my sister Amy's first Christmas home in a few years so it was really nice to spend the holiday with her, as well as with my grandmother and her friend, Patty. We had a fun day of eating, opening gifts, eating, playing games and eating. :) Then, we headed home around Chloe's bedtime that evening because Matt had to work the next day. Oh, I can't forget one of Matt's reason for wanting to go... he had to show off his new "toy" to my dad... his new truck. I am surprised he hasn't taken pictures of it yet now that I think about it; otherwise I'd post them here....

Here are a few other pictures from Christmas Eve with Matt's family and Christmas day...

Chloe & Grandpa

Chloe & her new Elmo from Grandpa

Chloe & her new baby from Grammie & Pop. She knew what to do with her baby right away. She held the bottle up to the baby's mouth and then put her in the stroller. She'll be an excellent big sister. 

Chloe with Amy & Grammie

We really enjoyed being with family over the holidays but we really missed the Estes' and the Birdsells. We can't wait for the day when we all get to be together again!

We were also able to be with friends during the holidays too. Our friends, Brad and Lauren, came to visit us for the weekend before New Years, and we had fun just hanging out and playing Settlers. 

"Hold me, Uncle Brad!"

Chloe was anxious to get back down into the dirt.

Chloe was dancing in this picture. She must have had a song in her head. :)

The holidays flew by for us which is always kind of sad. I am so thankful for friends and family who don't believe in just getting together for holidays. We are surrounded by loved ones whether physically or in "cyberspace" who love us all the time.