Sunday, June 21, 2009

The WHOLE Gang (minus Matt)

In the beginning of June, the girls and I went to my parents house where all of my sisters and their families already were. We had an excellent first few days with all the kids together; they entertained each other well and played very nicely. They have a tipping point though and right now it's at about 3 days; at least it is for Chloe. 

Anyway, we had lots of fun watching and listening to the older kids, Jude, Grace and Chloe, interact. It was especially rewarding to watch a sweet interaction between them such as sharing a toy or doing something for another or taking turns without an adult doing any prompting. 

The big kids at the pool. Thanks for the picture, Sally!

Kaye's girls have tu-tu's so they shared them with my girls. Grace wore hers ALL the time, non-stop. She is truly a little princess.  

Gracie in her princess pj's, tutu and awesome tights!!
oh, of course her tiara!

You can tell Hannah is not so used to the frilly stuff. Look at that look on her face!

Who does she look like? Is it Shera or Wonder Woman? I think she is just trying to be a Super Sleuth from Tigger and Pooh!

One evening we spent outside playing with rocket balloons that Uncle Jon bought for the kids. You blow them up and then let them go and they shoot into the air; where they fall, no one can know. Many of them landed in the neighbor's yard behind us so Aunt Amy went to rescue them. I don't think she knows I caught a picture of her doing this. She is just proving she is still so much of a kid at heart!

Grace sharing with Hannah

Part of that afternoon was spent racing. The big kids went back and forth, back and forth over and over again. Jude would say, "On your mark, on your mark, on your mark, Go!" I have it all on video but it won't upload to the blog. It was a lot of fun and used a lot of energy! 

Uncle Jon felt the little ones were missing out on the fun!

And there goes Lala with Aunt A

The five of us girls, or should I say Women, were able to go out for an afternoon together while the babies slept. We had a sweet treat at Le Madeleine's and then went to Charming Charlie's to find some "stuff." Thanks, Mom, for the treat!!

Amy, Kaye, Sally, and Me with Hannah-banana. 
We were actually cracking up because Amy had set the camera up on a timer so that no one would have to come take the picture for us. But that attempt failed when Scott jumped in front of the camera and we got a nice picture of his butt. To avoid any more hassle (thanks, Scott), Ken, Amy's boyfriend, picked up the camera to take the picture but we'd forgotten to take it off the timer setting. We sat there for 10 seconds smiling and trying not to laugh before it would take the picture again. I know that story's not funny to anyone else, but we were really trying hard not to laugh. 


My Momma, aka Grammie, aka a great cook


Pops always has a kid or two on his back or in his arms. 

Hannah really liked spending time with Aunt A. 
In fact, all the kids love her to death!

I got to spend sweet time feeding little Halle (rhymes with Sally), my newest niece. 
She is so tiny! But I'll have to say she was very well behaved. :)

Jude is definitely all boy but he has such a sweet, caring, and sensitive side that will win him a great girl someday!! After we took the big girls out one morning, we came back and Jude runs up to them and says, "I'm so glad to see you!" Then, he puts his hands on Grace's cheeks and calls her "Sweet darlin". :) What a great kid!

Dear Gloria... she always has at least one shoe on. The girl loves shoes!

I am so glad these girls love each other. Chloe went with Sally and Jon the night before Hannah and I went. I was told that when Grace saw Chloe, she ran to her and gave her a BIG hug!

Thanks, Grammie and Pops, for letting us invade your house! It was so much fun to be with everyone again!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Eight is not Enough

Sometimes, I take you for granted. Sometimes, I speak to you as if you'll always love me, always be there for me, as if your feelings don't matter, but only mine do. Sometimes, I serve you only grudgingly as if it is an annoyance rather than a pleasure, a sacrifice rather than a blessing. Sometimes, I forget to be thankful for or recognize how hard you work to provide for our family without complaint, how PRESENT you are as a father and husband, how sensitive you are to my emotional ups and downs. Sometimes, I can't believe that I actually get to have you as my own, that you actually want to be committed to me for as long as we both shall live, that it's not just out of obligation to our vows but also out of desire for me.

...but you remind me everyday, you tell me everyday, you prove to me everyday how unceasingly and unconditionally, how steadfast and long-suffering, how confident you are in and how thoroughly you love me. It is through and through; not an ounce of me doubts it. Your love heals me and protects me; it carries me when I am down and takes my load when it is too heavy. I know it comes from the very deepest part of you. You have taught me of a greater Love even without you knowing it or pursuing it because It is such a part of you.

Eight years is NOT enough. I thank the Lord for every moment with you. I thank you for spending your extra moments with me. You bless me just with your presence. I am excited about the next 8 or 50 more! 

Happy Anniversary, dear Love!
I love you!