Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet Sisters

Chloe on her Birth day

Hannah on her Birth day.

Just so you can compare them. I think they look like sisters. :)

Chloe loves Hannah. She wants to be near her, looking at her, pointing out her body parts, giving her a blanket, anything she can do! She looks at Hannah while she sleeps and whispers, "Sleeping." Chloe tried to pick her up already (which we know she can do because she started picking up Matt's 6 lb weight ball this week and throwing it. Maybe she's watching too much of the Olympics. :), but thankfully, I stopped her. The two pictures above are actually amazing because it is very rare that Chloe will actually look at the camera and smile!  We'll update with more pictures and some videos as we have time and energy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hannah is here! She arrived at 8:33 Wednesday morning to this bright world; 4 weeks before her due date. She was perfect, 10 fingers and toes, 6 lbs 9 oz (exactly the same as Chloe) and 18in long. She has great strength in her neck and muscles (from Matt's sculpted physique of course); she is nursing super well, and the nurses are stating she doesn't even look like a preemie! We're glad she came early or we might have had a 9lb baby instead!

A special thanks to the Grandparents. Grandma Trombley had agreed earlier to watch Chloe when we went into labor, but I'm sure she didn't expect to get the call at 2:37AM!!!! She was awesome though, and made the trip (normally 15-20min) in 11 minutes from the moment we called!!! She watched Chloe all day for us while we took care of Momma and Hannah and she did it all with a smile, and lots of sweets for Chloe! :)

The Achgill clan also rushed into action, going into work super early (4:30 am) to be able to drive over and meet Hannah and take over for Grandma Trombley last night. All three of them even kicked in to help clean a bit since we didn't quite have time to straighten up at 2:30am. 

And the biggest kudos goes to Mary. She was AMAZING! She took on her contractions head on and showed them who was boss! When it was time to push, Hannah came out so fast because Mary pushed soooo well. Hannah took slightly longer than Chloe to come, but Mary did so well I think she's ready for 10 more! :) Just kidding. 

Anyways, we are getting to know Hannah, who may look like Chloe but has her own Hollywood smile and funny faces, and trying to recover from one of the greatest moments of our lives.