Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flour Power

You see, Matt looks so sweet and awesome in this picture below with Chloe and Hannah; they adore him. And he is pretty wonderful... for the most part.

But then, he has this evil, cruel side of him that preys on his pregnant wife when she is trying to play an innocent game of hide and seek with her children; the woman who can't move quick enough or run fast enough to get away from his torturous schemes because of the life growing inside of her that will bring him more daddy-adoring offspring.

You cannot see it, but he drenched all of us, including his poor children, with the hose. The sweet little ones did not know how to react to their father laughing cruelly at them as he hosed them down. Then, as if to seem apologetic, he retrieved towels from the house, yet it was all part of his evil plan for he returned with a hidden bag of flour amongst the towels and proceeded to dump it on me, the little girls' mother, in front of their eyes. The poor souls now have no idea what to think of their father for he has played a mean trick on their mother. Thus, their rose colored glasses are scratched and they must now face the reality of HE who is their father... a man who started it all, over 10 years ago, when he dumped out a bag of leaves that I had just raked from the yard just so that I'd go to lunch with him. What the heck was I thinking?