Friday, May 06, 2011

Happenings in Tromboville

I just wanted to add some pictures of the last few months... ones that I love and wanted to share with you.

The Warrior Dash

Matt & I have decided to do 10 things together that we've never done together before in honor of our 10 year anniversary in June. We can't really go anywhere because of Josh, so this is a fun way to make up for it. We did the Warrior Dash In March, which is an obstacle course 5K. Many people dress up for it; we went as Mr. & Mrs. T. We put quotes on the backs of our shirts from The Mr. T.
I was only 2 months post partum so I felt a bit sluggish going around that course, but it was a lot of fun and we got COVERED in mud from head to toe. Afterwards, we cleaned off in a lake and then went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Thanks to my parents for keeping our kids (I first wrote "girls" but that doesn't apply anymore!).

I got a lot of comments on my beard. I kept wondering why people were staring at me and then, I'd remember. :)

Look at those beautiful eyes! It's no wonder I still get wobbly in the knees. ;)

Mary's shirt: "I pity the fool that goes home cryin' to his Mama."
Matt's shirt: "What's my prediction? PAIN!"

Yes, the Viking hats come with the race.


Hannah Banana loves to get in the dirt and mud, even in her pretty dresses and ballet clothes.


Fishing at Grammie's & Pops' pond

What they caught fishing... Just kidding! It was pretty yummy though!

Hannah playing dress up in Grammie's clothes.
One of my favorite past times when I visited MY Grammy's house.

One of Josh's favorite Aunts.

Mamie holding Josh

Grammie and Josh


Sometimes, I look at this child and wonder how I was so blessed to have a child with beautiful curly hair. Someday, she's going to look at herself and wonder just the opposite. :)

This poor girl was blessed with my mass of hair, but cursed with the most sensitive head on the planet. She is tormented by wanting to have it short with no tangles versus having it long like a princess.

Daddy's girls.
Can you see that Hannah decided to dress Matt on this Sunday morning? He already had shorts on, so she decided he needed a shirt and shoes. These are the ones she picked out... a dress shirt and dress shoes. And she wouldn't let him take them off.

Our friends Brad and Lauren came to visit and brought their little puppy, Maggie. Maggie, as a puppy, of course will put everything in her mouth and try to play with it. It became a saying that weekend to put something up high "so Maggie can't get it." Even though it's been a few months, every once in a while Hannah still says it.

The girls LOVE Mrs. Lauren. She is one of their favorites! :) We all love Mrs. Lauren.