Monday, May 04, 2009

Ways they make me laugh...

I am sorry I haven't written a good update in a while. I just have so many little things to say but not any huge long story, the list keeps getting longer and longer and more overwhelming. 

I'll start with Chloe...

I LOVE having a two year old!! Yes, she is obstinate, incredibly independent and loves her personal space. But she is so quick to catch on to everything! She is very observant and not quick to speak. Chloe loves to dance and is learning to sing. She is also still in love with Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales. She has become so considerate and caring and always has her own opinion (imagine that!). The other day I was leaving to go out and she looked at me and said with excitement, "I love your green shirt, Mama! You look so pretty!"

Chloe is so sweet to her sister. She shares her goldfish with Hannah so that i don't have to keep reaching over the stroller to give Hannah her snack. They give each other hugs and kisses. They stay up in their room playing and entertaining each other when they should be going to sleep. :) She is also a 2 year old though and has her moments of selfishness and greed. She is big on personal space so it is taking some time for her to actually want Hannah around to play with toys and such. She doesn't like it if Hannah touches her. But she's getting better about that.

Saturday was Matt's birthday, but I hadn't made cards yet with the girls as of Saturday morning. While I was out on a run, Chloe went and found a card that Amy had written to me. Matt saw her go get her box of crayons and take the card into the guest room so that she could decorate the card in secret. She came out and brought the card covered in blue crayon to Matt and said, "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" She did this totally unprompted. She has such a sweet heart and loves her daddy sooooo much! 

Every weekend, Matt and Chloe have a special date together and go to the library to pick out books to bring home and read that week. Chloe looks forward to it all week long and is so excited to spend alone time with Daddy. Sometimes, they go eat Subway afterwards or run some errands together too. We have found it is something she needs. When she doesn't get quality time with him, she gives him the cold shoulder... really! She won't give him hugs or kisses and she very obviously prefers me to him which it is usually the other way around. For a week we couldn't figure out why the sudden change, then we looked back at how late Matt had been working and how he'd been gone on the weekend as well. Chloe is very much like me in that way. 

Chloe is speaking pretty well, but she has some words she can't say of course. We have fun with that, although I probably shouldn't admit that. ;) Matt has been trying to correct her when she says a word wrong, but I'm not so strict about it. I love it when she says "oakameal" instead of oatmeal or "shuggle" instead of "shovel." Pretty soon you find yourself saying it the exact same way. :) 

Hannah is hilarious; she has a very happy heart! She smiles so easily and is very cuddly. She has this funny face she makes that I can't help but laugh at! I need to get it on video. Within the past few weeks, she has started rejecting baby food and will only eat "big-people" food; she pulls herself up to standing; she drinks from a sippy cup mostly by herself, and she says, "Da! Da! Da!" very excitedly and does a little dance when she sees Matt. :) She loves her daddy too! 

I am starting to wean my sweet little baby, which I have very mixed emotions about. The girls are staying with my parents in July for about 5 days while Matt and I go to San Francisco. I am so excited about the freedom, but I hate the idea that I won't have an excuse any more to just sit and do nothing while I cuddle my little cuddle bug and provide for her needs from my own being. Neither of us are quite ready for it so I am trying not to push it. But I also want to honor Matt by doing it in time for SF. In my mind, having Hannah weaned in time for this trip will show Matt that I am first his, then theirs. 

I have been very bad about taking pictures lately (I took a total of 2 on Friday at our first trip to Seaworld ... 2!! I am so mad at myself!), so I am going to be more intentional about it now. I'll add some more when I have more. 

Love to you all!


Flynt Family said...

I love your new post Mary! Chloe and Hannah are so precious, I'm so glad I get to watch them grow up too! :) Sara Kate loves both of your girls so much and talks about them all the time. I'm sure Shepherd will be chasing after them before too long!

Jon & Sally said...

LOVE these girls!! They are TOO precious!
Jude just smiled and smiled as I read it! I think he has a soft spot for Hannah in his little heart! He gets SO excited at the sight of her picture!
Love you guys!

Amy A. said...

I am bummed i didn't get to see them before my trip. When i get back Chloe will be driving.

They are just so precious. I love it! I rejoice over God's gift to you in these girls.

I love you.

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

NOT TOO MUCH LONGER and I get to cuddle these loves!! I can't wait!

I can't believe that Hannah is pulling up! What?! Amazing!

Oh, and you can call Miss Chloe MiniMary!