Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Good to Go

We had our 35 week appointment today and will be seeing the doctor every week now. She says we are out of the woods as far as preterm labor goes, so praise God for that! I have not yet started to progress but the baby IS in the proper head-down position, so another praise God! Now we just wait. Our doctor jokingly told us she'd be working all weekend at the hospital in case the baby decides to come so I guess at this point they wouldn't do anything to stop labor. I am praying for an early birth now that we are in the process of moving as well, so you can join me in that prayer.

On another note, I got to spend the last 5 days with my sister, her husband, and baby Grace. That was such a fun blessing! It was a refresher course in infant care for me. I got to experience a few firsts while I was there; one of them was a few smiles from baby Gracie at her momma. That was precious to me! It was neat to see how Mommy and Daddy have adapted to life with their new daughter. They do an excellent job as parents and of working together!

Here are a few pics from my trip...

The whole family

Gracie loves the car!

Mommy & Gracie napping together

What a joy this trip was! I already miss them soooo much!!