Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm so lonely I could Cry......

This week Mary and Chloe are visiting Mary's sister Kaye in Florida. While this leaves me free to pursue whatever Manly pursuits I wish, (eating snacks, rearranging the furniture for maximum game playing, watching the NFL draft for 4 hours straight) it also really sucks. So I made a list of the top ten things I miss about Mary and Chloe when they leave me. 

Top Ten Things I miss when Mary Leaves
10) Her Cooking
9) The smell of her hair after she washes it
8) Making her laugh, and getting to listen to it
7) Her pregnancy moments (recent developments)
6) Her "Mary" moments (permanent development)
5) Pre-Sleep Discussions
4) Her Touch
3) Looking into her eyes
2) Coming home kisses
1) Sharing days with my very best friend

Top Ten Things I miss when Chloe Leaves
10) Tickling her, and hearing her laugh like crazy
9) Reading books with her
8) Driving up to the house and seeing her recognize my truck
7) "DADDY!!!!"
6) Going home for lunch and sharing lunch with her
5) When we're on the floor and she runs up to give me a hug
4) Helping her find her pacifier during the night
3) Watching her explore news things and experiences
2) Teaching her new words, and working on her puzzles 
1) Her sloppy kisses!

Come home quickly my girls!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time Flies

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last blogged. We've been fairly busy with birthday parties, doctor's appointments for all three (actually 4) of us, out of town trips, out of town guests, and so on. 

In early March, we went to Pump It Up for Chloe's friend Naomi's 2nd birthday. Daddy got to take her on all the bouncy stuff. Since I was only 14 weeks or so pregnant, I chose to sit it out and just take pictures. If you know Chloe, it's very difficult to get any picture of her looking at the camera so we didn't have very many good shots of the party. By the way, isn't my husband studly? I must say he looks so hot, but I'll blog more on that later. :)


Chloe never lost her baby hair as some babies do so it has just kept growing and growing and growing. First, we did hair clips with bows. Then, we did one pony tail to the side. Now, we are at two pig tails. She is very good at letting me do them because she HATES having her hair in her eyes. It is long enough to go almost to the end of her nose. She looks like she is one of The Beatles when her hair is down.


In March, we had our friends Brad and Lauren visit us a few days before Easter, and we were able to go stuff ourselves silly while watching the Aggies play and win their first game in the tournament. For Easter weekend, we visited my parents and sister, Amy, and had a nice time with them. Matt and my dad played golf, admitting that since by the end of hole 9 they had hit the ball enough times to equal an 18 hole game, it was probably time to stop. They figured they played twice the game for half the money. :) 

Me and my sista


Chloe's and my most recent trip took us to visit our friends, the Greenes. Shanna, Michael and Jonathan hosted us for 3 days a few weekends ago. Unfortunately, Chloe's and Jonathan's napping schedules were quite opposite, but I think we made it work pretty well. Jonathan is a very flexible little man. We made a trip to the mall for some lunch on Friday and played at the indoor playground. Friday night, Shanna and I splurged and ordered 3 pieces of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, drove 30 minutes to go get it while dragging our little ones with us, then drove 30 minutes back home to put the kids to bed and enjoy our treat! It was delicious and so fun!

Sunday afternoon, we went to the duck pond and park. Jonathan loved watching the ducks and chasing the birds. It was like he knew what to do when he got there...

This is what Chloe did almost the entire time at the duck pond...

Don't worry, it's just ice water, but I hardly have one picture of her without this big Sonic cup in it!! Once she was done drinking, she rummaged through my purse looking for food. SO I have a ton of picturesque pictures of Jonathan by the water, looking at the ducks, etc... While all I have of Chloe involves her drinking and eating. :) It was a hot day though, I have to admit.

We finally walked over to the park where they had a separate toddler sized play area. If you need to get a picture of Chloe smiling, just put her on a slide because that's the only place you'll get one. All she wanted to do was go down the slide over and over and over...


This is what we do in the mean time when we don't have much going on... We play outside and get good and dirty. Chloe is the best at getting messy but it's funny because she doesn't like it when her hands are dirty!