Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Sisters and Cousins

In June, me and the girls went to my parents' house to spend about 5 days (?) with my sister and her girls who were visiting from out of state. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Trying to get the big girls to all sleep together. 
It didn't work unfortunately! The idea sounded good to them for a little while though!

Lala, Kaye, and Grace

Beautiful Grace. She has such a sweet personality, so fun and laid back. 

Grace and me looking at pictures on the camera. Grace is learning how to take pictures.

At one point we didn't know where Gloria went. Then we saw her quietly sitting on the rocking chair eating her grapes. She is independent yet needs physical affection to restore her. She is quiet unless she is tired, but she smiles and laughs so easily! 

Cowgirl Chloe (sitting next to Princess Grace)

This is the "castle" that my dad borrowed from a friend. It had never been outside so my dad felt he shouldn't use it outside either. He literally squeezed it into his living room. It barely fit!! But was a blast to use! I just wish we could have had it when Jude and Brennan were there!

Kaye, Lala and Chloe playing play-do. They played so well together the whole time.

Sweet Halle! 
She loves to giggle and smile! I really enjoyed hanging out with her and can't wait to see how her personality fits into all this craziness!

Chloe and Gloria, again, playing so well together.

Hannah and Halle
Do you see the size difference?!?! Hannah's only 8 months older than Halle but she is twice as big!

We really enjoyed cousin time (and sister time!)! The girls did very well together. I wish it hadn't ended so soon! We love you, Birdies!