Friday, November 26, 2010

Matt's Half-Ironman - My Superman

Matt fearlessly conquered his first Half-Ironman in November. It was only his 3rd triathlon ever; the other two he did in July- a sprint tri- and October - an Olympic tri. When the man dreams big, he dreams big. He did it in about the time he hoped for, slightly slower, but only by 30 minutes. Considering the first place man finished in 4 1/2 hours, I think Matt did an excellent job finishing in 6 1/2 hours after less than 6 months of training. I mean, the man just got a bike last April and just learned how to swim with proper technique this past summer. He has also been finishing his Bachelor's degree, started a new job this fall, and practically cared for all three of us girls this summer while I had morning sickness. And he did it all while not neglecting his family. If you need a lesson in Balance, talk to him! He seems to have mastered it! He is just amazing to me. :)

Here are some pictures of his day...

Hannah helping Daddy get ready.

Realizing how freaking cold the water is going to be.
He was one of the only ones who opted NOT to wear a wetsuit.

Getting ready...

There he goes!
He says his body went into shock when he hit the water. He couldn't breathe or move for a minute.

Check 1 - Finished the 1.2 mile swim.

Now for the 56 mile bike ride.

His bike at the transition area after he left for his run.

Now for 13.1 miles running... or jogging, I should say.

A smile on his face as he finishes.
What a haus! :)
(That was actually on his high school letter jacket... "Haus." ;)

Still standing, a little bloody, but he did survive...

...enough to make the 1/2 mile walk back to the car.

I am SOOOOO proud of you, my love!! You challenge me and inspire me and push me to a whole new level in all areas! I am thankful to have that constantly in my life.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Our First Sleep-Over

A little while ago, we had our first sleep-over. Our friends, The Hvass', let us keep their girls for a night while they enjoyed a childless evening and morning. It's something that my mother-in-law does for us on a regular basis so we thought we'd pass the favor along since we enjoy it so much. The girls had a really good time together and I think they REALLy enjoyed having friends to play with the moment they woke up. Since we have the crib set up and an extra twin bed in there that are not yet being used, it was the perfect time to host a baby and a toddler. Everyone was very well behaved. The only hard moment was when Chloe took a hard fall outside and scraped her knees and hands pretty badly (for a 3 year old, at least). Here are some pictures from our morning...

The girls watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I fed Natalie her bottle.

I tried numerous time to get a picture of all four girls together, but these are the best I took.

After watching a show, they all decided they needed to dress up for breakfast. We have Hannah H., aka Fairy Princess, Chloe, aka Snow White, and Hannah T., aka Sleeping Beauty and of course, Baby Natalie, who looks like a real-life babydoll. We had a royal breakfast of toast and jam and fruit. :)