Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random Picture Post

Hannah Elizabeth

Mommy and Hannah hanging out on the couch.

Special Grammie and Hannah time.

Chloe decided she wanted to "play" with Hannah so she climbed in beside her.

Chloe's first attempt at assembling Mr. Potato Head, aka "Toe Head", by herself.

Chloe sporting a cool outfit which include a few of her favorite things:
Aggies, America, and Bob & Larry

"You can't resist me, Mommy."

Hannah at about 5 weeks.

Chloe somehow knew instinctly that you are supposed to climb trees, so Gramma helped her get up into this one at the park. Chloe likes to play with dirt, climb trees, and throw balls. I think we have a little tom-boy developing...

Oh, and she loves to watch football with her daddy! Go Broncos!!

Chloe enjoying the swing. I took it from a long way away so it's pretty fuzzy.

Mommy and Chloe watching the other kids play at the park and enjoying our beautiful weather.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Is anyone else reminded of the song "My Humps" by Black Eyed Pea when you read the following Dr. Seuss excerpt? Yea, you just try to read it now with out that beat in your head...

Did you ever ride a Wump?
We have a Wump
with just one hump.
we know a man
called Mr. Gump.
Mr. Gump has a seven hump Wump.
if you like to go Bump! Bump!
just jump on the hump of Wump of Gump."

How can I read this book to Chloe now without "My Humps" song getting stuck in my head? I can hardly make it through those two pages now with out bobbing my head to the beat. Then, I realize what I'm doing and start laughing. I'm glad Chloe remains clueless because I'd hate to have to explain that song to her...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Good bye, my dear sweet friend...

My dear Ally... we miss you already. Lucy does too. You were her best friend, and you were always there for me. You were our first "child". I remember the day we found you in the pound in College Station; you were shaking from fear and you would not move; you were skin and bones. What drew us to you? I don't know, but we knew we wanted to rescue you, love you, and protect you. You wouldn't move from the same spot on the floor for days. Then, you eventually moved to the couch. You wouldn't eat out of a bowl because you were afraid of it so for a good 2 years you ate directly off the floor. Goofy, dog. :) You always had your quirks. You would not go to anyone but me for a while and then, you finally felt safe with Matt too. We made a small family and you allowed us into your circle of trust. You allowed me to cry to you through the years of a difficult marriage, then miscarriages, anger at God, and moves, and you were in my circle of trust. You heard things that I never told anyone else. Your circle widened to include my whole family as they showered you with love over the years. You eventually became our little hostess when people came over, sitting so politely as if you wanted to join in on the conversation. You went from being introverted and fearful to being loving, compassionate, playful and sweet. 

I will miss your sweet presence, your peace, your hand shakes, your snoring, the way you would hop around before we went on a walk, the way you'd stop abruptly in the middle of our walks to lay in the grass in the shade.  I will miss the way you flattened your ears out to the side and, with your tubby body, looked just like Yoda. I will miss your contagious smile. Anyone who really knew you would agree that you were the most well-behaved, disobedient dog. You knew the rules but you did only what you wanted to do. 

I can't thank the Lord enough for the season of life that included you. Now, that season is over and we have to move on... as little as I'd like to move on without you, my friend. I personally don't believe that dogs go to heaven; I believe that your job is specifically for here on earth. But I have no doubt that you guys are used by the Lord to minister to people, that He uses you to touch our lives. Through you, He did. Thank you for your friendship, your loyalty, and your love. Thank you for loving my girls. You will always be in my heart. 

I love you, Ally. I miss you.