Monday, June 08, 2009

Eight is not Enough

Sometimes, I take you for granted. Sometimes, I speak to you as if you'll always love me, always be there for me, as if your feelings don't matter, but only mine do. Sometimes, I serve you only grudgingly as if it is an annoyance rather than a pleasure, a sacrifice rather than a blessing. Sometimes, I forget to be thankful for or recognize how hard you work to provide for our family without complaint, how PRESENT you are as a father and husband, how sensitive you are to my emotional ups and downs. Sometimes, I can't believe that I actually get to have you as my own, that you actually want to be committed to me for as long as we both shall live, that it's not just out of obligation to our vows but also out of desire for me.

...but you remind me everyday, you tell me everyday, you prove to me everyday how unceasingly and unconditionally, how steadfast and long-suffering, how confident you are in and how thoroughly you love me. It is through and through; not an ounce of me doubts it. Your love heals me and protects me; it carries me when I am down and takes my load when it is too heavy. I know it comes from the very deepest part of you. You have taught me of a greater Love even without you knowing it or pursuing it because It is such a part of you.

Eight years is NOT enough. I thank the Lord for every moment with you. I thank you for spending your extra moments with me. You bless me just with your presence. I am excited about the next 8 or 50 more! 

Happy Anniversary, dear Love!
I love you!