Friday, October 19, 2007

Where do I begin?

God is so good! He blessed us with another few days to be together! My sisters and I and our babies and Jon and my sweet parents were able to spend one more weekend together (sorry you missed it, Matt and Scott). Just when we thought it'd be years to come...

Thanks to Grammie and Pop and Jon, the four of us girls got to spend several hours shopping on Saturday, helping Sally check things off of her to do list. Of course, she wasn't the only one shopping. I think all four of us scored! It was fun to not have the stress of keeping babies happy the whole time. We each reached into our inner child and got ICEE's from Target (which then made our blood sugar drop to sickly levels; it was actually hard to finish the shopping trip. How on earth do kids do it? Ugh!). I found some cute black sandals, but Sally said I looked like a hooker, so I decided to return them seeing as they were for me to wear to church. Amy found a cute hand bag though...  

... and she was sweet enough to buy me one as well; although, 
I think I'll just use mine as a purse, Amy. :) Aside from shopping, we spent a lot of time in the evenings playing SpeedUno. Sally and Jon taught us to play. I think we all finally got the hang of it by the end of the weekend. There was one incident where I got sprayed with milk from Kaye's mouth, which then resulted in several of us wetting our pants and my dad laughing himself to tears. Who knew Uno could be so darn fun?

Sunday, we spent a few hours with the babies outside and were able to watch them explore this environment. Grace is an adventurer; she has no fear. She will do anything and try anything without a second thought. It is fun to watch her joyful free spirit develop. Kaye & Scott just better watch out because who knows what Grace might attempt with her little sister!

Jude, on the other hand, does not like the grass so it was funny watching him throw the ball and then realize that in order to get it, he'd have to step in the grass. He'd reach as far as he could...

Chloe decided it was safest to stay right on the blanket. In just about every picture, you can see the uncertainty. She is quite the opposite of Grace!
One place Chloe is VERY comfortable is in the bath!! We threw them all in the tub together after playing outside and as Amy said, "Man, Chloe comes alive in the water!" She loves sloshing around and getting wet. I hope she enjoys it as much next summer when we start swim lessons! 
I'd love to post every single one of the pictures I took over the weekend, but I'm afraid it'd get quite boring! You can watch them as a slide show at the end of this post. Even though, all of us have become sick due to our weekend together with colds and sore throats, it was all worth. I love each of you so much! 

Oh yeah! Before I forget, I have to include one very sweet story. On Friday evening, when my dad, or Pop, got home from work, all three of the babies were thrilled to see him! Jude absolutely adores Pop and wanted to be held immediately. Chloe smiled and waived right away and Grace crawled over to join the party. Here is a picture of the sweet moment that I know my dad will NEVER EVER forget. I'm sure he never realized how much he'd love them, or, even more, how much they'd love him...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Fun

Our neighborhood mommies organized a day to go to the The Pumpkin Patch out in Medina. It's about an hour away but it is a BEAUTIFUL drive! The day happened to be Columbus Day so Matt was off and we went as a family. We had fun showing Chloe the animals. She kept calling the horse a dog, but considering they had a miniature horse not much bigger than our dog, Lucy, I can understand how she was confused. :) Anyway, our day was filled with a petting zoo, a hay ride, and a picture on a cow.

Chloe is not too sure about this...

Somehow, my head got cut off in most of my pictures with Chloe.

We had fun even though it was hot and muggy. Hopefully, next year, Chloe will enjoy it a bit more too.