Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chloe's figured it out...

Our child is just amazing! I know everyone thinks that about their child, but how can I not say it too? Chloe decided to eat with a spoon tonight!! I had been feeding her some prunes, but she kept grabbing for the spoon, so I just finally gave it to her to see what she would do. She immediately put the spoon end in her mouth. She played with it a bit and then held it out and made a scooping motion with it. I put the prunes in front of her and she dipped her spoon into them, and then put the spoon in her mouth again. It's just amazing how fast babies learn! You can see it for yourself...

I must admit, she is such a cutie with those prunes all over her face. She seemed to really enjoy herself!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Family Football

Of course, this weekend is the first weekend of the NFL season so we had to get all dressed up and go watch a game. Not just any game but that of the Denver Broncos (as most of you know, Matt is a HUGE fan, having lived there from birth through the 3rd grade. He has stayed true to his orange and blue). The Broncos, thankfully (very thankfully for those of us who have to live or work with Matt), won by one point with a last second field goal. Chloe got to experience the vast expanse of emotions that her daddy feels AND expresses (rather loudly, I might add). Several times, I caught her looking at him trying to figure out why in the world he was dancing around and waving his arms in the air, screaming at the box mounted on the wall that was filled with colorful people.

Anyway, we had fun as a family. Matt and I have watched many Broncos games and have eaten many wings at sports bars over the years because half the time, the Broncos are not on our local cable stations. It's kind of a tradition for us for football season. Chloe and I, of course, came late and watched the last quarter of the game because there was no way she'd make it through the whole thing, but still, we got to keep up with our tradition. And we plan to keep it up as long as possible. Here are some pictures of us in our Denver Bronco garb.

Aren't I just so adorable in my very own Broncos jersey?! (We had to add the bow because she looked like a boy without it! Sorry, Matt, if she's going to grow up liking football, she's gonna look pretty doing it! :)