Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Chlo-ster - Happy Birthday, my sweet love!

First day

First camping trip

First Tae kwon do tournament

First Elmo

First deer ride

First bike!


Happy Birthday, my precious little girl! We love you more than words could ever describe. Though I was always told that by my parents, I never understood it until the day I met you. You mesmerize us, you enchant us, you have our hearts. No day will ever go by that you are not loved. 

Lord, thank You. Thank You. Thank You for this precious Gift.

Happy Birthday, Gloria!!! I am so thankful for your life and the sweet spirit inside of you! I know you from afar but that does not mean I love you less!! 


Jonathan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!! You are indeed precious! I'm sorry we can't see you more, but I'm glad we got to see you last month. I'm sorry that Jonathan pulled your hair, but he's behaving MUCH nicer now, so hopefully the next time we see you everyone will have more fun!! Much love, Shanna