Monday, June 09, 2008

Still going strong...

Matt and I have been married for SEVEN years now! I can hardly believe it! I look at my husband and I am more in love with him than I ever was before. What a blessing that is! Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness to our marriage! He knows we've been in drought at times in the past, but He has led us to years of plenty. We have both only become more full and rich side by side than ever we could alone. I am so thankful for this man who knows me so well; even in my darkest of nights and even in my brightest of days... he knows me well. He leads us and guides us, and I would go to the earth's very end to follow him. He covers me, protects me, loves and cares for me; he is safety and comfort and tenderness, yet a rock to me. His touch gives me rest and peace. He has shown me how to love; how God intended love to be between a man and woman, a husband and wife. He has been a picture of Christ to me. 

Matt, you are my mate for life. I love you.


Jaclyn said...

Happy Anniversary! This is SO sweet.
Also, i love your dress!!!

Jules & Vern said...

So wonderful, Matt & Mary!! I hope you had a nice evening together and that this next weekend is a real treat for you both.
Love you,

Jon & Sally said...

PTL!!! I can identify with you entirely Mary about the "full & rich" by each other's side thing!! What an amazing gift these men are to us!!!
Happy Anniversary one day late!
I love you LOTS!!
May there be MANY more to come!

Flynt Family said...

Happy Anniversary Mary & Matt! That is a great picture of y'all!