Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some Anniversary Fun, Father's Day, and a Few Videos

Matt and I had our first weekend away last weekend and stayed downtown over night. Saturday morning, Gramma, Matt's mom, came over to stay with Chloe and we went to lunch, then headed downtown to find our hotel and spa. We had a couples' massage Saturday afternoon. They offer a couples shower or sauna before the massage, which I explained to Matt beforehand. His response to this was, "But I already took a shower today." So romantic.... Anyway, the spa place wouldn't let me do either anyway since I'm pregnant. This was Matt's first massage and thankfully, his went well. I think my girl was afraid of me (being pregnant); she bruised me on my neck and shoulders and barely touched my legs and feet, so I didn't enjoy mine too much and wouldn't recommend the place to anyone. Matt did enjoy his and says he would go back. It took me 8 years to convince him he'd like it and now he's talking about what kind of massage he'd like to get next time. :) If only our husband's would listen to our advice the first time! 

After the massage we saw a movie and then checked into our hotel; it was just too stinkin' hot to be outside and enjoy the Riverwalk. We headed to Ruth's Chris steakhouse for dinner reservations; they seated us downstairs in a secluded area and called us by name and everything! It was so nice! They give you a complimentary cheesecake for dessert with "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate on the plate. Everything was so delicious and we were stuffed by the end of it! Those are the only pictures we got of our weekend unfortunately as seen above in the slide show. We tried walking down the Riverwalk afterwards but we were so hot and it was sooooooooo crowded that we could not even walk next to each other or talk. We finally went up to the street to avoid the bigger crowds. Just like an old married couple, we retired to our room by 10:00! 

Sunday, we woke up late enough to make it to Pappasito's just before the crowd came so we could get Matt his Happy Father's day mug. Even though we were without Chloe, we still decided to go. We then saw another movie and headed home afterwards to spend sometime with our daughter before the day was over. All in all, it was a great weekend and nice to be away for a night. I had to literally keep myself from thinking about Chloe, or I'd start missing her so much. 

Thanks, honey, for the lovely weekend. I enjoyed just being with you no matter what we did!

When we got home, Chloe was taking a nap so I was chomping at the bit for her to wake up so I could hug her! Matt and I went in to her room to surprise her and the first person she asked for was Gramma!!! Though I wish she had missed me more ;), I am so thankful she is attached to Gramma and loves to be with her. It does make leaving her so much easier. When Gramma went home, Chloe cried her eyes out! 

Chloe and Matt shared some time together after she gave him her gift and card. Chloe loves to sit and stand on Matt while he is lying down. Whether he is on the floor or on the couch, she treats him as her own personal jungle gym. She plopped herself on his stomach on Sunday and wanted to read books with him. 

Then they enjoyed a lovely picnic together at the coffee table. Chloe rarely ever wants to be away from her daddy's side when he is home. She follows him from room to room. She also calls him on her cell phone when he is gone. Chloe LOOOOOOOVVVVVVES her daddy!!


Sally asked me recently to post videos of Chloe so here they are....

This video is of Chloe and Daddy playing together.

Chloe loves to go get Daddy's socks for him and this time wanted to put them on since Daddy had just put his on. 


Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

What a great time to celebrate.

What a bummer about getting bruised from you massage. We did a couples massage for our anniversary when we were pregnant with Caroline. It was in Houston (that was before we moved to Houston). If you ever want to go again, let me know and I can give you a name.

PS Kevin is coming to SA on Monday and Tuesday for work.

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

So fun!! What a treat for y'all!! I'm glad you were able to have some time away before Miss Hannah arrives.
I'm so glad Chloe was able to stay with Matt's mom. I'm sure they both loved it!
By the looks of it, I'm gonna have to agree that Chloe sure LOOOOVES her daddy! I do believe that nothing is more precious than a girl who loves her daddy!
Give that girl some kissies for me!! I love y'all!
Not that I have the right to ask this of you since my blog has not been updated for awhile... but can we see some belly shots??

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

OK.. I finally updated! Now let me see some belly!