Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Visit with the Birds!

Here are a few pictures of our surprise visit to see Aunt Kaye and Grace. We kicked Uncle Scott out of the house for the weekend, so he went and spent it with the guys. Grammie got to spend the whole weekend inundated with grandbabies! We had a wonderful time! We missed you being there, Amy, but we were so glad we got to talk to you!


Jonathan said...

Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh...those pictures are GREAT! SOOOOO adorable! I'm so jealous that Chloe has same-age cousins. Poor Jonathan is going to get stuck "babysitting" all his younger cousins! I'm so glad that you had fun in Florida. Love ya!

Cameron, Christina & Sailor said...

TOOOOO CUTE!!!! I can't believe they are so big already.... time goes by so fast! I can't believe Chloe is 15 lbs!!! She is growing like a weed... Hopefully Sailor and her can play together one day!! I LOVE your slideshow.... too cool!!

God Bless :)

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

What a surprise!! Thank you for blessing my heart! Y'alls visit was so good for me!! I will forever treasure our time together!

I miss each of you sooooo much! My heart broke after y'all drove away! I miss the FULL house!

Thanks for posting the pictures! You have some great shots!! Oh, it makes me miss my babies!!

I can't wait for August!

Love, Aunt K