Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our baby is sick

Well, we knew it would happen one day. Chloe has a little cold. :( She is coughing and sneezing with watery eyes. The cough started 2 days ago. I was getting a sore throat, so I started taking my Zinc and Vitamin C. Her symptoms were better today; hopefully, the vitamins are getting into her system too through my milk. It's so funny though; last night, I was still so worried. She doesn't even have a fever, yet my mind was turning it into some big, horrible illness that could cause me to lose her. Every single day I thank God for my precious girl. I can't imagine life without her!!

The above picture is Chloe and Molly. Molly is our neighbor's dog and we are dog sitting her for a bit. She loves Chloe and Chloe loves her.


Dawn said...

Precious picture--she's a doll! :)
Sorry y'all are sick - hope you get better real soon!!
Love, Puddin'

Waden's World said...

I totally understand how you feel!! There are SO many different emotions running through our systems as new moms :) I pray ya'll get better soon! Love ya'


Smith's Saga said...

She is so cute! I have not been able to figure out who she looks more like but in these pictures I really feel like I can see Matt in her especially in the top picture!


Jonathan said...

I'm so sorry! I totally know what you mean--I am SO incredibly blessed to have Jonathan! I have to constantly pray so that fear of losing him doesn't overwhelm me! Jonathan is so excited to play with Chloe when y'all come!
Love ya! Shanna