Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Milestone

Our baby girl's first tooth broke through today!!! Even though she is probably so uncomfortable, we are soooooo excited! Just two days ago, I could only feel a little lump in her lower gums, and now, there is a sharp edge of a tooth. Our little one is growing up!


Jonathan said...

Wow-it doesn't sound like she's been fussy or anything. Lucky you! I know I say this every time I write, but she is SO beautiful!! And now she'll have beautiful teeth!

Puddin' said...

What a doll baby!! Wish I could see her in person!
Love and prayers,

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

I couldn't believe Chloe was getting teeth before Caroline, but guess what, Caroline's bottom two teeth cut through on Thursday. I can't wait until they are all the way in so I can get a good picture.

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