Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trouble with the tongue

I'm writing to share that Chloe burnt her tongue on a candle today. I was thinking she was a tad bit smarter, but obviously the attraction of the flame was just too much. After blowing the candle out (which she had to get up on stool to even see), she touches her tongue, for some unknown reason, to the glass jar that it was in. Maybe it's because it was a pumpkin pie candle and she was hungry... I don't really know. She spent the next 20 minutes with her tongue in a glass of ice water and that seemed to take away the pain completely. So if ever this happens to you, you know what to do now!

A few pictures of the munchkins who love and "hate" each other more and more everyday...

How Chloe fell asleep the other night


Everyday, I ask myself, "What am I going to do with that hair?!"


The Hvass Family said...

haha! that is TOO much! I can't believe she touched it with her tongue.... what sweet girls! love them and love their hair too!