Thursday, August 13, 2009


Happy Birthday, Sweet Hannah!

I can't believe this day is already here! You are growing so quickly that I cannot keep up with you! We have not been as quick to push you to do new things as we were with Chloe because we now understand how fast you will grow!

You are such a joy to my heart! You are always smiling or laughing; even when you are upset you will grin at me through your fussiness. You are just so goofy, too! I can't help but laugh at you and your mannerisms. Everything you do is so light-hearted! You catch on to things so quickly; I only have to show you once or twice and you proceed to do it yourself! You LOVE your sister Chloe soooo much and light up when she gives you attention. You girls make each other giggle and laugh. Your light heart is good for the melancholy spirits of Chloe and I. I can't tell you enough how thankful I am that you are in my life.

My prayer for you is that your happy heart is tempered with a sensitive and compassionate spirit, that you will love people well and see beyond their flaws to who God sees in them. Your name is a reminder of God's promise and His Grace. I pray that you will cling to His promises as you grow and come to know Him and that you will pour out His grace to those around you as you have experienced it yourself.

I love you, dear one. You are precious to me.


I just had to add this picture of Daddy when he was little.
You two are two peas in a pod! You look like him, you act like him, and you even eat like him!! The same things he doesn't like, you don't either! :)


Jules & Vern said...

I love that Hannah Girl!! She is such a joyful little sweetie, and she gives great snuggles, too.
Happy Birthday, little Hannah!! God bless you today AND your tomorrows.
I love you!!

Jaclyn said...

Happy Birthday sweet Hannah!!!

She is so precious and so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy! Hope you enjoy this day, celebrating your sweet baby girl!

Flynt Family said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! You are such a precious little girl! I'm so glad we live so close that I'm able to watch you grow. Sara Kate loves seeing you & Chloe. I'm sure Shepherd will be chasing after you pretty soon!

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Ok, so can I tell you this without hurting the feelings of the rest of the family?

One of my very most favorite parts of the trip was when I got to spend time with Miss Hannah! I loved getting to know her more, and I especially loved holding her in my arms! She is a doll with such character!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives, Miss "Nahna" (as LaLa says it)!