Friday, February 27, 2009

A Visit From Our Dear Estes Family

My sister and brother-in-law and their boys came to visit us for a few VERY short days last week. It went by way too quickly, but we REALLY enjoyed having them here. Sally and I got to spend more time together (sans kids) than I had anticipated, thanks to Jon and Matt. It filled up my heart. Time with her is refreshing to me. She was gone for a year and it was hard to connect heart-to-heart through the telephone or internet. Being able to just "be" for a few days and enjoy day to day life together was great. We also had some fun and some laughs which is always good for the soul. :) Here are some pictures...

Little B (Brennan) is so funny! He smiles at everything and everyone. He doesn't like to play by himself. And he can bend all kinds of ways and he is SO strong! He started crawling this past week! Go B!

"Arrgg, Matey!"

Chloe is big on personal space. Jude isn't.

We wish that we could capture this wonderful smile on camera all the time, but Sally caught it right after his usual camera smile, just before he stopped smiling. What a good looking kid!

Silly-ness. What the Estes' call the "Happy Asian Face." :) 
(Which they can do because they are Asian. :)

Me and Sally

Sally and Chloe... Sweet lovin' time. 

Sally and Chloe. Sweet Silly Time!!

Something made her laugh... I have no clue.

Crouching Tiger

The REAL Little People. 
Jude is explaining something to Chloe, but who knows what it is!

The Little-er People

Just before Sally and Jon left, Sally and I walked outside to find Jon sitting with the kids in the grass. It was a sweet moment. Chloe LOVES her Uncle Jon. She even pee'd on him 3 times while they were here. You don't pee on just anyone, you know. Only the ones you love. :)


Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Everything that's in me wants to go back in time and teletransport myself to your home.. Maybe by the time I'm 100 I'll be able to share with you in these sweet moments. I'm so thankful we have each other. What a sweet blessing this must have been for y'all!

All the pics are adorable, but my favorites would have to be -
Jude going to give Chloe a hug. I LOVE the look on her face!
And Sally and Chloe in the bathroom (the sweet silly time). Once again.. loving the look on Chloe's face!

I'm so thankful she loves Uncle Jon so much! What precious moments they must have shared for her to have peed on him.. again and again and again. She must feel extra comfortable in his presence. HA!

Thanks for posting!

Jules & Vern said...

Oh to have been a little bug on the wall and to have heard and seen all the fun!! Sounds like you had a marvelous time...what a blessing!!

Love you each and all,

Jon & Sally said...

Ok! So first of all, thanks for posting the pics! Cause we all know even getting dressed these days is a feat!

Second, my very favorite was my Mary-time. Nothing could have topped it. I sure do love those girls. But their lovely Momma is a rarity in my world! I'm so thankful we got time to re-connect!

It was so fun to have Matt around to tease me. He made the time feel complete!

We love you ALL! Even if your daughter pees on my husband (as long as it's not me! ;0)