Monday, October 20, 2008

Picture Post

Chloe & Mommy making cupcakes

Hannah & Aunt Amy

Chloe LOVES spaghetti!

Mommy & Hannah - she kept trying to put her hands over her face so I had to hold them down.

Aunt A & Chloe

Grammie teaching Hannah how to play Settlers

Hannah fell asleep with her head resting on Pop's hand

Chloe in Pop's shoes

Chloe didn't want Daddy to read TO her... 
She wanted him to read WITH her.

Two peas in a pod. :)


Jaclyn said...

love these pictures! Hannah is SO precious and she has already changed so much. Chloe cracks me up...and she looks SO gorgeous in that picture of her and Amy at a restaurant!

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

LOVE IT!! Thanks for the photos, Mommy T!
Ugh, I have no idea how we've made it so far! I adore your girls. Know that my heart rejoices to see their new activites and to hear all they are up to!
(Precious pic of Hannah and Pop's hand!)

-BTW, Amy, I love your new haircut! You are one lucky aunt to see those girls so often!

Jon & Sally said...

My goodness!! I say it EVERY time, but I LOVE these girls!! I just can't get over it!

Hannah is changing so much!! What fun to see her grow!!

Chloe is just a doll!! Can't wait to play and read and run with her!! Just a few more weeks!!!

We love you! We too covet the amount of time Amy gets with you guys!! Yea for her!! And I ditto Kaye's comment. LOVE her haircut!!

And we love YOU!

Amy A. said...


It was so wonderful to see you three times in one week!!!!!!! It blessed me.

i love you.


Margaret said...

So, it turns out that I don't have a direct e-mail for you. So here is my reply...

I guess, Caroline's room is fairly "clutter free" because we aren't too overwhelmed in the toy department. My mom likes to buy books and clothes, so it doesn't get too overboard. I've also stored away most of the "baby" toys as she's outgrown them.

We have a huge rubbermaid box in the closet serving as a toy box and a shelf/basket system that has playfood, little people, castle people, two of puzzles, etc. I only let her have one basket out at a time. Then the big playsets for the little people are on the top closet shelf. We still have some downstairs toys in baskets, but I've been trying to work all of Caroline's toys into her room so the new baby's toys can be in the living area.

How is sharing a room working for the girls at bedtimes? I wondered how that would work with sleep schedules.