Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random Picture Post

Hannah Elizabeth

Mommy and Hannah hanging out on the couch.

Special Grammie and Hannah time.

Chloe decided she wanted to "play" with Hannah so she climbed in beside her.

Chloe's first attempt at assembling Mr. Potato Head, aka "Toe Head", by herself.

Chloe sporting a cool outfit which include a few of her favorite things:
Aggies, America, and Bob & Larry

"You can't resist me, Mommy."

Hannah at about 5 weeks.

Chloe somehow knew instinctly that you are supposed to climb trees, so Gramma helped her get up into this one at the park. Chloe likes to play with dirt, climb trees, and throw balls. I think we have a little tom-boy developing...

Oh, and she loves to watch football with her daddy! Go Broncos!!

Chloe enjoying the swing. I took it from a long way away so it's pretty fuzzy.

Mommy and Chloe watching the other kids play at the park and enjoying our beautiful weather.


Jaclyn said...

Precious! I am so glad you postd these! I had been wanting to see new baby Hannah pictures! Both your girls are just beautiful!
Please let me know next time you are in town. Grace would love to play with Chloe and I would love to catch up! How many months apart are Chloe and Hannah? I have so many questions. I am starting to worry about if I will have as much time for our new baby as I had for Grace when she was born, and also worrying about Grace being jealous or sad. I am sure all moms worry about this stuff but i would love to hear how it is going for you guys!
I love the pictures!!!

Jules & Vern said...

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. We so miss you all, and it's wonderful to get little glimpses of "life in action". Give those girls sweet snuggles!!
Love you,

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Yea!!! LOVE the photos!

So do you have a plan in place to transport Chloe with Pops & Grammie to surprise us??? Mary, Chloe has definitely turned into a mini-you!!! So fun! (hey one thing... beware of asps found in trees during the fall months. they hurt like mad-crazy).

Miss Hannah, I want to cuddle you, hold you, and eat you all up! Just hearing your little noises makes me want to fly straight there to gaze into your eyes for the first time!!

BY THE WAY - Chloe did a darn good job on that Mr. Potato Head!!! I am amazed!! Makes me curious as to how Grace would do.

Love y'all!!

Jonathan said...

Too precious!! I LOVE the picture of Chloe playing with Hannah on the activity mat. What a great big sis!! --Shanna

Jon & Sally said...

SOOOO fun!!
I just love watching them grow!!
I want to kiss those sweet girls!
We miss you all TONS and can't wait for the day we get to hug your necks!!