Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet Sisters

Chloe on her Birth day

Hannah on her Birth day.

Just so you can compare them. I think they look like sisters. :)

Chloe loves Hannah. She wants to be near her, looking at her, pointing out her body parts, giving her a blanket, anything she can do! She looks at Hannah while she sleeps and whispers, "Sleeping." Chloe tried to pick her up already (which we know she can do because she started picking up Matt's 6 lb weight ball this week and throwing it. Maybe she's watching too much of the Olympics. :), but thankfully, I stopped her. The two pictures above are actually amazing because it is very rare that Chloe will actually look at the camera and smile!  We'll update with more pictures and some videos as we have time and energy!


Waden's World said...

PRECIOUS!!!! Your girls are so beautiful! God has blessed you richly :)

Jules & Vern said...

Adorable girls!! I can't wait to see them interacting. Thanks for the big smiles, Chloe.
Love you,

up north Diane said...

Welcome Hannah!!
Those are two of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!
Hugs & Kisses from Traverse City!
Love, Aunt Diane & Uncle Cass

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt & Mary!! What a blessing to have two sweet girls! They are just precious! Aug 13 is a good day... it's Jimmy and my anniversary :0)

Jonathan said...

Absolutely precious! Yeah for the "help" from big sis! Beautiful girls! -Shanna

Erica and Colin said...

Congratulations, Matt & Mary! Hannah is beautiful. And the pictures with Chloe are precious. Thanks for sharing your family with us! :)

Mary said...

Soo cute! How are ya'll doing with 2? Isn't it fun to see how siblings interact even at such a young age? Time really does fly by soooo fast...I can't believe that we don't really have anymore "babies". Life with just the boys is better this year than last because Christopher can play with Matt more and I'm not the sole entertainer.:) It's fun because they're starting to play well together and having fun. It's great:) Your family is precious! I hope all is well!

Waden's World said...

Just thinking about ya'll! Hope you're doing well :)

p.s. i tagged you in my most recent post "unspectaculars". love you!!