Friday, May 16, 2008

Our week with the Birdsells

Kaye and Mary

At the end of April, Chloe and I visited my sister, Kaye, her husband, Scott, and their two daughters, Grace and Gloria. It was our first time to meet Gloria, who shares Chloe's birthday, only a year younger. Chloe LOVED her immediately. She quickly learned her named and called her "Laa-La" the whole time we were there. Two weeks later and she still asks for "Laa-La" just about everyday. She would give Laala kisses without provocation and she would try to feed her a bottle and give her a paci. She would bring Laala a blanket and just be so sweet and gentle with her. I caught this picture of one her sweet kisses for Laala:

Gloria is so sweet; she has a very sweet disposition and is very laid back. She really only cries when she's hungry or has gas. She loves all the activity that goes on around her, and she loves attention and cuddles! She looks so much like her daddy! I wonder how different these two girls will be because Grace is a little daredevil, very adventuresome. If she can't reach it, she finds a way to reach it. And she'll test every limit; she's very independent. But Miss Gloria seems like she is just the opposite so far!

We tried to play outside a lot to allow Grace, or "Dace", and Chloe to run off some energy. They would switch between playing in the toy jeep and sliding down the slide. 

Grace & Chloe

Me & Gloria

Grace is only two months older than Chloe so we considered trying to have them sleep together since they both sleep in "Big Girl" beds, which is actually a twin mattress on the floor. We tried several times, and each time the girls would go back and forth between playing together, destroying the room, and fussing. Eventually, they both fell asleep right behind the door and we had to wake them up to be able to put Gloria in her crib. Then, of course, they wouldn't go back to sleep. We decided after several tries that we'd all get better sleep if they were separated. To make a long story short, Chloe ended up taking the queen size bed that I was to sleep on and I had to move to the couch. She evidently likes her space when she sleeps. 

Grace & Chloe chilling out on the bed

I have to explain this next picture. If you look closely, Grace has her foot up behind Chloe and is looking right at Chloe. She is planning something... The next moment, Chloe is face down on the floor after Grace has kicked her off the chair. You think they are so innocent... until you meet Miss Grace. ;)  

If you watch closely, Chloe gets her payback...

Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, so I don't have any more pictures of our week yet. We really enjoyed being with the Birdsells. I enjoyed the few times that Kaye and I weren't too tired to have a nice deep conversation also. I hope we can see you guys again sooner than later!! We love you, Birdies!!


Waden's World said...

Mary, the video cracked me up! Those girls are precious :) For some reason Chloe reminds me a lot of Mikaela :) We are thinking about taking a trip to Sea World one weekend coming up... would ya'll be interested in joining us?!

Love ya,

Jon & Sally said...

SOOOOO cute!! I just love seeing those girls in pictures together! Just think in 20 years they'll be laughing at how cute they were too!!
I'm glad you girls had such a great time! I wish I could have been nestled between you in that first picture! Jude would have loved to share in the fun too!!
We love you all! You're girl is just too much fun!!

Erica & Colin said...

Hi Mary!

Thank you for continuing to keep up with our story. And most importantly, thank you for lifting us up to the Lord. It means so much to me, seriously.

Congratulations on all the exciting happenings in your home! I just read through a few of your latest posts. I'm excited to hear you are expecting again! PRAISE GOD! And I am more than impressed with your husband's discipline in his weight loss. What a neat way to honor him in your "Biggest Loser" post too.

Amy A. said...

You and Kaye look so pretty together in that picture!

love you!

Cameron, Christina & Sailor said...

I LOVE THEM!!! They are too precious!! I can't believe how much hair, they both have... they need to come and hug on our Sailor Bug a little bit.. maybe it will encourage her's to grow, hahaha!!

I love seeing videos of them. I'm so glad we have the technology to allow us to do that, since noone lives close enough to be able to visit with on a regular basis!!