Friday, March 07, 2008

Chloe Update

About a month or so ago, Chloe decided she was ready for something new. After Matt got home from work one evening, he sat a few feet away from her, held out his arms to her and she just stood up and took about 5 or 6 steps towards him! I happened to have just turned my head to watch her reaction to seeing Daddy, so I was so glad I didn't miss that special moment. And I am  sooooo glad her first steps were to her daddy. That is special because I have been able to see so much more since I stay home with her. We caught her second try on camera...

It took her a while to get comfortable so after that first day, she didn't seem interested in doing it much more. But last week she decided she'd had enough and started to walk EVERY WHERE! She especially loves to be outside. She pushes her baby up and down the side walk. The other children on our street are finally beginning to take notice of her now since she is walking. One little boy who is about 2 brought her some strawberries to eat the other day! It was so cute! She, of course, could have cared less about him but wanted to eat all of his food! He, on the other hand, was so shy and googly-eyed. :) Aw... maybe he has his first crush! 

Chloe loves to push her stroller around and find things around the house to put in it. After a grocery trip recently, she helped me unload the groceries....

Helping Mommy unload the Ziploc bags

Chloe has taken to playing in boxes lately. For some reason, she likes to play in them. We had a play group at our house the other day, and I thought it'd be fun to leave her boxes out so the other kids could enjoy them as well. Not one child even glanced at the boxes. They seemed to be more in the way than anything. I guess I should be thankful that my child is entertained so easily... and cheaply!

Chloe feeding Baby in the box

Chloe with her milk, her Elzie, and her pillow, ready for her pretend nap

My parents came recently (Matt and my dad added topsoil and new sod to our entire front yard in one weekend!) and bought Chloe a picnic table set. She has enjoyed eating her snacks and drinking her milk while lounging in the chairs. She does get quite frustrated though when she can't get her bottom aimed right so she ends up on the floor rather than in the chair. We are having to teach her that it's ok to fail/fall sometimes. :) 

Chloe also tries to mimic what we say. Sometimes it sounds similar, but mostly not. She did try to say strawberry the other day for my mom, and it wasn't half bad, just funny enough to make you laugh though. We are definitely at the point where patience with communication is key. It's so hard to know what she means most of the time!! 

We are enjoying this stage of her life so much, but it's hard not to wonder about the future and how she and her new brother or sister will interact. I can hardly wait for that day!!! Oh, and by the way, I am pretty sure we are NOT going to find out the sex of the baby, so it'll be an IT to us until September!


Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Oh, Mary!! I do believe she is THE CUTEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE WORLD*!!! Oh, I can't wait to see her in person! I miss her so!

BTW - As I scrolled down the page and had just glanced at the picture of her pushing the Ziploc bags, I totally thought it was YOU!! She looks so much like her Mama!

Love y'all, Aunt Tay-Tay

*besides my own girlies

Jaclyn said...

she is SOO precious. Of course that little boy had a crush on her, it is only natural :) I think she and Grace need to be friends :)

Jonathan said...

Yeah Chloe!! We can't wait for her to come and teach Jonathan a few things! What a great idea--the boxes. We'll have to try that out! Can't wait to see y'all!!
Shanna and Jonathan

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

How gorgeous you are!! She's just so grown up! I want to give her bunches and bunches of kisses!!
Could you post another video of her walking more recently? I want to see this cute bug in action!
We love you guys and miss you TONS!!!
(for the FOUR of us!!)

P.s. Jude watched this video with me and had a BIG grin on his face the whole way through! Then when I pointed to the profile pic of the three of you, I said, "Who's that?" He said "Mack" "Ma-wee" and "Lo-wee"!!! So fun!!