Sunday, January 27, 2008

Videos of Chloe

Chloe has been a busy little bee. We've had some yucky weather lately so we haven't been able to be outside much which she is sad about. She would spend the whole day outside if she could. She is working on getting two molars these past few weeks so she'll have 10 teeth. She is going to walk very soon, we think. But she is definitely like me in that she wants to do it in her own way and in her own time. She won't even let us help her. She has learned a few words & signs in the last week. She learned to say juice, lunch, and almost breakfast and is working on Jude and Ally. She can sign milk now. I have not worked with her a lot on the signs but she has still picked a few of them up. She can give kisses and hugs and she is a very speedy crawler. She has finally torn holes in one pair of her jeans. I still really enjoy being at home with her though it is hard to find things to do to challenge her sometimes, especially when we can't go outside. It's all a matter of thinking outside the box though. Most of her favorite things are not conventional baby toys, but things like empty boxes, keys, cell phones, and these metal hoops that we put on our ears and wrists and say, "so pretty!" You'd think it would not be hard to find simple things around the house that she'd love to learn about and play with. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the videos. 


Jaclyn said...

Mary...she is SOOO adorable!
Also-- i LOVE the black and white pics from Christmas that have a little bit of color in them. SO pretty!

Jules & Vern said...

Chloe is so cute and fun!! She's on the "zippy learning program" right now. She learns something new everyday...and often lots of things in one day. My time with you last weekend was so much fun!! I love watching her discover and mimic. And that smile!! Matt, you better keep that shotgun oiled. You're gonna need it someday!!

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Hello little love!!! Do you want to come over to play?? It looks like you want to entertain!

I can't wait to hold your little body!! Goodness my heart is so full!

Jonathan said...

TOOOOOO cute!! We miss you Chloe and look forward to hopefully seeing you soon!
--Shanna and Jonathan

Erica & Colin said...

Hi Mary!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment. It was such a great surprise! I appreciate your encouraging words and your prayers and support. It is only by prayer that I am staying sane these days! It means so much to us that we are being surrounded by the prayers of such faithful believers and friends!

Your little Chloe is absolutely precious by the way! I can tell that you are doing an amazing job with her...she is so smart! I love her bright eyes and her smile too!


Jonathan said...

OK--time for a new post--this is my second comment on this one!! Jonathan wants me to let you know that y'all can come any time you want--he misses miss Chloe. Don't feel too bad about Chloe taking toys away...we had a little girl over today and Jonathan totally plowed her over to get to a toy, then gave her a bewildered, "What are you crying for?" look when she started wailing...that's the part that we have to mold...;>