Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Chloe AND Gloria!!!!

Chloe Ruth on her Birth Day

I have waited all day to post a "Happy Birthday" to my one year old, Chloe Ruth, in hopes of including my new niece, Gloria Noelle, who was born this evening!! Yep, they share a birthday! How fun!

Chloe & Pops

My dear little Chloe is no longer an infant, but a TODDLER! How can this be? How are we the parents of a toddler already?! No, she's not yet toddling, but you can bet she will be soon! She won't allow us to help her walk; she wants to learn all on her own. Hmmm... I think she may have a bit of her mother in her. :)  

Aunt Amy & Chloe being silly

My reminiscing of one year ago today was made very real when my sister Kaye called this morning to say she was going to have her baby today! After a hard day of labor, Gloria Noelle entered the world at 18 inches long, weighing 5 lbs 8 oz. How glorious! This photo is from my mom's cell so I'll add more once I get them...

Gloria Noelle Birdsell
(2nd daughter of Scott & Kaye)


Jaclyn said...

how wonderful that they share a birthday!!!! Chloe is adorable and Gloria is just beautiful. They will always love sharing a birthday! Please post more pics when you get them. How exciting!!!!

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

I think Gloria wants to be just like you, Chloe!! Not only did she want to share your birthday, but she looks just like you!!


I sure hope you enjoyed your special day, little one!! You are so precious and have such a sweet, sweet personality!! I can't wait to wrap my arms around you and to witness how you've "growed" up!!

Mary said...

Oh how fun that they get to share their birth day! I'm sure they will be great friends as they grow up together! Happy Birthday to your little girl too...I'd love to meet her sometime:)

Cameron, Christina & Sailor said...

I love you sweet Chloe!! You are such a ray of sunshine!! I love seeing pics of you smiling!! You're so beautiful, you just look like a little doll!! You have the most beautiful hair too!! Sailor's little ponytail is so puny!! ;)

How exciting that you get to share your birthday with your baby cousin!! What a blessing God has given your family!! He had it planned all along that you would share the same beautiful day!!

Congratz, Mary and Matt, on being an Aunt and Uncle AGAIN!! It's so wonderful!!

Happy Birthday you beautiful little TODDLER!!

p.s. Sailor misses you!