Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy 30th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!! Thanks for sticking it out and for showing us how it's done!!


Jules & Vern said...

I'm so thankful the wonderful man I call "my sweetheart". We're going for another 30 years now!! Wow, what kind of changes will happen in that time?
We could be great-grandparents by then!!!

I'm also thankful for the lovely "fruit" of our marriage, Amy, Mary, Kaye & Sally. And now I can add my thankfulness for their great husbands and babies. The Lord has truly blessings us. Our hearts are full with gratitude and joy for what He has given us.

I love you all.

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Congrats to your folks.

Hey, we have the same bedroom furniture. I see it all over the place... it was on "Everybody Loves Raymond" and one time I saw them glue sticks in the square recesses on "Trading Spaces."

Cameron, Christina & Sailor said...

Congratz! Aunt Jules & Uncle Vern!!!

Dawn said...

Love the picture!!
Congratulations Julie & Vernon on your 30th!! Brit and I celebrated ours in December - your grandbaby's are precious!!!!