Friday, July 06, 2007

New tricks

I am so proud of our little girl! She can sit up now for several minutes without us holding her up! We have been practicing sitting everyday, including falling so that she wouldn't be surprised when that happened. I'd clap my hands and say, "Yay!" when she'd tumble over. She can't pull herself up to the sitting position yet but can hold herself up now once we put her there. She seems to like this new perspective on life because she stops fussing if I set her on her bottom. It was all the sudden that this happened too; or maybe it was that, before, I didn't want to let go of her while I helped steady her. It's sad but happy that our little girl is growing up! We do enjoy her company so much though!

Another new trick is her voice. She has started saying, "Bah" & "Blah". She will tell Matt all about her day sometimes when he gets home from work. It's so cool! She adores him so much!


Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

That is so sweet. Caroline just learned how to get into a sitting position on her own a few weeks ago. She used to struggle do a sit up to get into a sitting position. Eventually, she learned that there were other ways to get herself up.

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Oh, little Chloe!! You're such a BIG girl!! You're going to be all grown up when we see you again in a few weeks!

It's a amazing how so much can change in a week or even in just a day!

Love to you! Aunt K

Waden's World said...

I LOVE the open mouth! She is such a doll :) Kevin and I are thinking of a good weekend to visit ya'll. We're in a bit of transition right now, so things are a little crazy. We're moving to Austin... hopefully in the next month or two! Mikaela and I have a much more flexible schedule than Kevin... so we'll see what we can make happen!