Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh, Summer Days

Chloe has recently been introduced to the swimming pool and she has really enjoyed it! She took her first dip at the Estes' pool, Jon's (Sally's husband) parents. She kept trying to drink the water. I kept her in a normal diaper so she was very bouyant; those things fill up with water. It doesn't come out even when you squeeze it, so Chloe is at least 5 pounds heavier when she comes out of the water.

Our friends, the Welch's, got a floatie at Target that works very well for infants. My sister, Sally, got one for her son (she has play group with the Welch's), so I decided to get one for Chloe. Here are a couple of pictures of Chloe's and, my nephew, Jude's time in the pool. After about 30 minutes, Chloe leaned back and fell asleep in the floatie. Her hat came down over her eyes and she sucked on her pacifier and just dosed off. She had a good hard nap for at least 30 minutes!!! Of course I kept a close eye on her. But it was so adorable!! Oh, how nice that would be!


Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Those are really cute pictures!! It was so funny to come across our name. I need to get pictures of Caroline in her float. She kicks her legs and makes it bounce. She too likes to drink the water.