Friday, March 23, 2007


Yeah!!! Chloe rolled over today for the first time!!! I laid her on her stomach for a bit of tummy time. I walked away for not even 30 seconds, and when I got back she was on her back!! She didn't make a peep; it didn't scare her. She was just happy she could see her toys again! She has yet to show Matt and I this awesome feat, but hopefully, she'll be a rolly-polly soon!

When I was little, I never let anyone see me accomplish anything until I knew I could do it. Therefore, I learned to ride my bike all by myself in the closed garage during the heat of the summer. And I first jumped off the diving board by myself at my cousins' house once everyone had gone inside for lunch; etc... So maybe Chloe is like me a bit and she wants to perfect her rolls before showing her parents. ; ) I hope to have a picture for you soon.