Monday, December 18, 2006

Chloe Ruth Trombley
Born December 17th, 2006 @ 12:22am
6lbs 8.8 ounces---19 inches long

Mary did AMAZING and completed labor in less than 5 hours! The nurses FLEW into action when they realized when we got there that Mary was already 4 cm, and then only one hour later she was 8! Oh man was Mary WORKING!!!!!! She did the whole labor without an epidural (funny story about that, ask Mary), and Chloe performed PERFECTLY!!!!

I'm still amazed at how everything is just so well thought out. For example, did you know that baby's noses come out flat so that when they feed they can breathe out of the sides of their nose? God's pretty cool huh?

Anyways, the whole family is home now, and life is starting to adjust. I'll leave you with a few extra pics, more are sure to follow!!!

Signed, Daddy Trombo


Anonymous said...

YAY! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world, Chloe!
Love from Up North,
Aunt Diane

Amy said...

I wish I was in H-town to give a big hug to mommy and daddy Trombley and hold baby Chloe for a while. The gift of life truly is a gift. Trombley family, you are loved and prayed for from afar.

Aunt A

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Charlie said...

Hooray !