Saturday, October 28, 2006

As You Wish....

Here ya go! As requested!


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

I can't wait to hold your precious baby!!! I love him or her already!!

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Hey there, Tummy! I'm so happy to finally see you!! Looks like you're carrying high like Sal did.
Now I want to see a face shot! I miss your beautiful face and I picture it often! I love you, Mary!! Can't wait to hold you and your babe in my arms!!
Love, Bug

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

PTL!! I'm anxiously awaiting November 15th!! Can't wait to hold you in my arms!!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see Mary's face, too- not just her tummy!!! Your Aunt Diane has been thinking of you so much lately, especially since Brian's visit. I missed sending gifts in time for your shower, but look for them sometime soon. And think of another name, Matt! I agree with Mary on this one- your child has to live a long time with his or her name- be kind. Love, Diane.