Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Iron Curtain Falls

An enormous event in the Trombley household tonight!!!!

Mary, after weeks of flat out rejecting even my talking to the baby as "Maximus" suggested tonight that we add it to the middle of the baby's name! Oh happy day!

You see, it was a strategy all along. After introducing "Maximus" as an option, and being punched, slapped, and thoroughly ostracized, I came up with an even worse option.....


My calculated risk was that Mary, faced with the abject horror of her child having "OZ" as a part of its name, would see Maximus as a viable alternative.

"Insert Evil laughter here muhahhhahhhahhha"

Of course, the risk I took was that my wife of over 5 years realizes the turd she married and takes all thinking privledges away from me.


Please, share my joy. Share in the exuberance of my success. Share with really cool presents at the shower! :)


The Original Trombo


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

Yes for Maximus! Maximus is a great name. Now, what if it's a girl? I mean, would it turn to Maximusa? or Maxima? We do need a back up plan here.

~ Jon

Wait...does this mean that I might possibly be "punched, slapped and thoroughly ostracized" for affirming The Original Trombo's name for Little Trombo? Maybe I shouldn't go to Houston this weekend.

Anonymous said...

So 2 questions now:
1)What will the first name be if Maximus is the middle name? Oswald (aka Oz)? You could have it BOTH ways!!
2)Same as Jon's-What if it's a girl?

I still think Max is cute.

Amy Achgill said...
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Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

You poor thing, Mary! I've come up with a plan...
Right after the delivery, send Matt out to grab something to eat; meanwhile, you quickly sign the birth certificate with your choice of name for the baby!! You win!!

Yea, for your brilliant sister!!

Love, Bug

Dawn Nelson said...

Actually I think Maximus is a great name...and I can't wait to see what you pick to go with it!