Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things I Love about You, Matt

  1. You love me so well; so much better than I deserve.
  2. Your laugh is contagious. I can't hear it without at least smiling, even when I'm mad at you.
  3. You are sooooo hot. 
  4. You are right most of the time, so I know I can trust your decisions.
  5. Although you are right most of the time, you still let me be right some of the time.
  6. You work very hard and you are determined to be indispensable at your job.
  7. You are good at everything you do... except yoga. :) 
  8. You are incredibly intelligent and your mind works so fast.
  9. You love our girls completely and are "best buds" with Chloe.
  10. You come home from work every evening in a good mood, whether or not you've had a bad day or not... that's something I need to work on and really admire of you.
  11. You are very sensitive.
  12. You value my job as much as I value yours and you let me know this.
  13. You have GREAT legs!
  14. You like things to be organized and you like to be productive, but you'll also just sit on the couch with me and watch T.V. while the dishes aren't done and paperwork needs to be filed in the office and Chloe's toys aren't put away.
  15. You are my very best friend... I'd rather be with you than anyone in the world. 
  16. You make me laugh ALL the time.
  17. You are good at asking questions.
  18. You do everything 120%, which can be exhausting at times but is very motivational as well.
  19. I am in-love with you, even after all this time. It shows me how great a guy I have.
  20. You come home to your family every evening instead of going out with co-workers or to happy hour.
  21. Chloe wants to be just like you. She looks for you first every morning even though you're usually already at work. She wants to drink coffee and she says she's going running because that's what Daddy does. 
  22. Your eyes make me melt; they are a gorgeous blue and say a lot to me, mostly about how much you love me.
  23. When I am in your arms, I feel I am in the safest, most comforting place in the whole world.
  24. You love me exactly the way I am and help me to realize all the pressure I feel is put on me by myself alone.
  25. You are running your second half-marathon... through your training, I have seen determination, discipline and strength of mind and body that I have not seen in you before. It is a dream come true for me that you want to go on running dates, that you want to eat healthy and enjoy when I cook healthy meals, that you want to be a healthy role model for our children and you see the importance of that lifestyle.
I love you more than my life. 
I am a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend because of you.
I wouldn't want to do life without you.
God has blessed this family by giving you to us as our leader.
Happy Valentine's Day! 


Scott and Jessica Shobe said...

I like this idea. I'm going to copy it for our anniversary in April.